About this House

    The owner: We are the Steitz Family. We purchased this beautiful land in 1996. We enjoyed it for camping and hiking for many years. Our parents had a dream to build a "cabin" that the whole family could use together. Our dad began work on the bridge in October, 2003. He suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in February, 2004 of a heart attack. We decided to build "The Invincible Lodge" in his memory, and it was completed in May, 2007. The Invincible Lodge has already been a blessing to many people, Dad would be proud!
    Why We Chose Idaho Springs: The beauty of this setting speaks for itself. The seclusion, the forest, the mountains create a spirit of quiet and relaxation. The soothing sound of rushing water eases away any tension in your body, mind and soul. It is truly a spiritually refershing place, as Dad always said.
    The Unique Benefits at this House: The Lodge is big enough to allow the whole family. We enjoy games, relaxing, building a fire, staring out the picture window at the mountains. It is truly a getaway. In the winter, we sled, snowmobile, snowshoe, or just stay warm by the fire. In the summer we hike, fish, mountain bike, run the trails, enjoy the wildflowers, have big bonfires by the creek!